I currently have a blog setup as a subdomain on my website as, to my knowledge, it's the only way to use a different WordPress theme. Am I able to setup another WordPress installation on my current WordPress site ex. www.mydomain.com/blog, and use a different theme in this subdirectory? Or does the theme of the subdirectory have to inherit directly from my current WP theme on the main site?

Right now I have it setup as:

  • www.mainsite.com
  • blog.mainsite.com

This seems to be the only way to have separate themes, however the SEO is killing me.

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    Have you tried a multisite? That would be my first option.
    – fuxia
    Apr 17, 2014 at 8:34

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It's probably not the best idea, but you can absolutely create a second install in a subdirectory.

If you create a /blog subdirectory and install WordPress there, you'll have a whole new site, with a whole new WP dashboard.




You could set up the new WP config to read the WordPress core from the parent install, allowing you to only install the themes/plugins you need for the secondary install.

Honestly, Multisite is probably a better idea — you'll be able to manage both sites from the same dashboard — but what you're trying to do is possible with either approach.

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