I wonder if there is a specific way to create a custom 404 header template.

This can be done for secondary page, but creating a header-404.php doesn't do the trick.

Am I really supposed to create an if in the main header checking whether the is_404() returns true?

Thanks Andrea

  • That specific example is covered on the Codex page for get_header(). TL;DR: if( is_404() ) { get_header( '404' ); } ... in which case, it will use header-404.php. – Pat J Apr 16 '14 at 21:05

Further to my comment:

I ran across a very similar issue with get_sidebar(), which I expected (incorrectly) to work the same as get_template_part(). A work-around is to do something like this:

// instead of using get_header( '404' ); , do this:
get_template_part( 'header', '404' );
// which should select 'header-404.php', or, if it doesn't
// exist, fail over to 'header.php'



As said in Codex

header-404.php is not auto loaded on 404.php template, you have to create it but also call the header using

get_header( '404' );

instead of get_header().

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