hey guys, <?php urlencode(the_title()); ?>doesn't take effect.

this is my entrie line of code:

<li><a href="mailto:?subject=<?php urlencode(the_title()); ?>&amp;body=<?php the_permalink(); ?>">e-mail</a></li>

I don't want to have spaces in the_title(). Why does urlencode not work for me?


The the_title() echo the title. You must use get_the_title() instead. get_the_title() returns the title as string. Use

<? echo urlencode(get_the_title()) ?>
  • +1 because I forget the get almost everytime I use these functions :) – Brooke. Apr 7 '11 at 5:56
  • what do I have to do when I want to use this outside of the loop? e.g. in my sidebar? – mathiregister Apr 7 '11 at 6:50

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