I'm looking for a way the edit the excerpt before it get's show on the page.

The issue is this: We import data (jobs) for a third party provider and the content is divided in sections with each a header (e.g. the first one is "Introduction"). The issue now is that in the overview with the post, each excerpt looks like "Introduction. Lorem Ipsum". So I want to manipulate the data to remove "Introduction."

Are there any hooks in WordPress that I can utilize to either edit the data before shown, or is there a function that I can overwrite that display's the_excerpt()?

I'm using a child theme of a theme we bought and would prefer to not mess with the core files.


Well, I found it:

    function get_the_excerpt_filter( $excerpt ) {
        $wordToRemove = "Introduction";
        $len = strlen($wordToRemove);

        if(substr($excerpt, 0, $len) == $wordToRemove){
            $excerpt = trim(substr($excerpt, $len));

        return $excerpt;
    add_filter( 'get_the_excerpt', 'get_the_excerpt_filter' );

Hope this helps someone else.

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