I have a project that has content being filtered throughout the site (many custom WP_QUERY calls). Originally there was no URL needs, just filtering by $_SESSION variable. Works perfectly, but NOW client wants each specialty to be loaded with a custom URL (much like categories do already). I need to to first know:

Is it possible to make a permalink structure with the $_SESSION variable?

If so:

How can I create a URL structure like this?

Archive Page:


Single Page:


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So I was able to figure this out myself with the help of a great friend and php developer. I apologize some of the functionality i.e. CUSTOM::slugify() is custom but if necessary you can review my Div Starter theme to learn more about it.

add_action( 'init', 'cc_rewrite_add_rewrites' );
function cc_rewrite_add_rewrites() {
    $specialties = get_specialties(); //Fetches an array of postmeta defined from an ACF repeater field

    add_rewrite_rule( "^(" . implode("|", array_map(function($a) { return strtolower(CUSTOM::slugify($a)); }, $specialties) ) . ")/?", 'index.php', 'top' );

    // check path for specialty loop through specialties
    foreach($specialties as $specialty) {
        $slug = CUSTOM::slugify($specialty); // I needed to convert to a slug, custom function in Div Starter

        if (preg_match("/\/" . strtolower($slug) ."(\/|$)/i", strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) )) {
        // set session variable
        $_SESSION['specialty'] = $specialty;


I noticed my pagination was using this new permalink structure and breaking it so I was able to hook into it and remove the addition like this:

add_filter( 'get_pagenum_link', 'wpse_cc_pagenum_link' );

function wpse_cc_pagenum_link( $link ){
    return $url = str_replace( '/'.CUSTOM::slugify($_SESSION['specialty']), '', $link ); 

For more information about customizing your permalinks this guide was really helpful

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