I have a Custom Post Type and 2 taxonomies attached to it. Each taxonomy has about 20 terms containing several posts. While I have successfully setup a custom archive template for my custom-post-type. My Taxonomy terms are creating problem. When I view any of the terms page (by clicking them from CPT menu) it shows me the titles of the posts under it.

I tried setting up taxonomy-my-taxonomy-my-term.php but the page does not pick it up. Instead it is using archive template. Here is the body class that is returned:

archive tax-path term-a-path term-19 logged-in

Which template do I need to make in order to list all posts under a specific term, and can I have a generic template for all terms, since all of them have posts with similar data fields.

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I am not sure why your taxonomy-my-taxonomy-my-term.php is not working... If you want all of the terms of the custom taxonomy to have the same layout use taxonomy-my-taxonomy.php. If you want all of your custom taxonomies to be displayed in the same way you could even use taxonomy.php.

In case you haven't done yet, check out the codex or this cool graphic

  • Hey @alpipego - thanks for the reply. I got the issue sorted out in another thread, and you are right - taxonomy-my-taxonomy.php solved it.
    – NM6
    Commented Mar 15, 2014 at 6:17

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