I'm creating a wordpress theme in which I'm creating a shortcode for a video. Part of the output of this shortcode is something like this:

   $result .= '<video class="fullWidth" width="auto" height="auto" loop muted preload>';
    $result .= '<source src="'.$mp4.'" type="video/mp4" />';
    $result .= '<source src="'.$webm.'" type="video/webm" />';
    $result .= '<source src="'.$ogv.'" type="video/ogv" />';
    $result .= _e('Video tag is not supported in your browser.', 'my-theme-framework');
   $result .= '</video>';

Now the video is working but the text 'Vide tag is ...' is getting echoed out, but when I remove the text from the function, it gets hidden. So I believe it is because of the _e() function and I do not know what to do. I need that to make the text translation ready, should I remove it?

I've searched around for this, but I'm getting no relevant results. Please tell me if you know what I should do here.

Thank you.


_e() echoes the translated string, which will not work in variable assignment. You need to use __(), which returns the translated string.

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