I have the following scenario:

  1. I have a private blog, running WordPress (self-hosted, not wordpress.com hosted), and I am using the My Private Site Plugin to allow only logged-in users to see the site.

  2. I want to approve all users prior to their gaining access to the blog, so I'm using the New User Approve plugin to leave new user registrations in a Pending state. According to this documentation:

    Until a user is approved, the user will not be able to login to the site.

    Perfect, that's exactly what I want.

  3. I'm using Social Connect Plugin to allow users to login with OpenID. This will result in a WordPress user being created, that is linked to their OpenID identity, and (as expected) this WordPress user is in a pending state until I approve it.

However, apparently there is some miscommunication between these three plugins, because even though an OpenID login results in a new user being created with a pending state, they are still able to see the site.

Going through the "regular" WordPress account registration results in the expected behavior: user created in pending state, but unable to login until approved by an admin.

In summary, what I am aiming for is:

  • Private blog, that only approved users can view.

  • OpenID login as an option. Actually, I don't mind if OpenID is a requirement: between Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Yahoo. 100% of our blog readers will have an account elsewhere; But I'm also OK with users creating a WordPress user account if they really want to.

I see many plugins similar to My Private Site, many more similar to New User Approve, and still more similar to Social Connect. The possible permutations are overwhelming. I don't think I could possibly try them all, but perhaps a combination of them works?

Or may be there can be some custom CODE that'll make them work together?

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Indeed, there is a way.

First, you're going to want to install the Member Access plugin & the official OpenID plugin. Both of these are free

After configuring all of your pages and setting up the OpenID plugin, edit the robots.txt file in the Wordpress installation directory. Add the following line:

User-Agent: * Disallow: / 

This will prevent crawlers from indexing your site, or discourage them at the very least.

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