I have transfered my WordPress theme on another domain doing these steps:

  1. I have used a backup plugin and backed up database
  2. Transfered wp-content folder to the new site
  3. Uploaded the database to a new host
  4. Changed siteurl in wp-options to a new one

But I'm still getting redirected on the old URL pressing on the header.

In header.php the PHP echo home_url(); could be changed, so I'll be redirected on the new URL but I'm not sure that this is the solution.

Would be glad to hear from you what have I done wrong.

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    You need to run a full find and replace on the database, the old site url is stored in MANY more places than that single option row. Search this site, there's a million guides/tools/scripts to do it for you. Commented Mar 1, 2014 at 22:44

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I found the solution for this:

Settings » General » Change URL address

I changed my site URL to new and it's working just fine.

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