Can I and How would I add a filter in the function.php that would add a HTML element around the content when the_content is used? This would be similar to what you can do with the_title. i.e:

the_title( '<h1>', '</h1>' );

What I need is to add a section element around the content containing a class similar to:

the_content('<section class="content_wrap">', '</section>');

I know I can:

<section class="content_wrap">
    <?php the_content ?>

But if I can filter it in, it would GREATLY reduce the number of php open and close tags by minimizing a lot of the code in the template files [and also i can mindlessly code more w/o having to remember to add the tags - LOL].

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thnx!


This is what i needed:

function content_filter($content) {
    return '<section class="content_wrap">' . $content . '</section>';
add_filter( 'the_content', 'content_filter', 6);

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Here's an example that should work for you:

add_filter('the_content', 'filter_content');

function filter_content($content){

  return $content = "<div class='myclass'>" . $content . "</div>";


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