For some reasons every shortcode, that I try to add to functions.php, displays only default attribute value and ignores what I specify in a post. E.g.:

function my_shortcode( $atts ) {
    extract( shortcode_atts(
            'id' => '18',
        ), $atts )
    return $id;
add_shortcode( 'sc', 'my_shortcode' );

So I use shortcode [sc id="81"] and expect echoing 81 but I get 18. BTW I use child theme, and latest version of wordpress. I'm really stuck. Thanks for any help.


I just tried your exact code, putting the PHP code you pasted above in my theme's functions.php file, and inserting the shortcode as you typed [sc id="81"] in to a page in my site, publishing the page, and it correctly outputted a value of 81 on my published page.

So something in your theme or a plugin must be conflicting with it.

Try changing to one of the default WordPress themes and testing it again, and/or disabling your plugins.

I suspect it could be a conflict because the parameter is named 'id' - so you could also try using a different parameter name (eg. 'myid').

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