I'm looking all over google but doesn't find the way to do it.

i've declared a custom post type (let's say 'job') with a custom hierarchical taxonomy ('activities').

I would also like to assign "normal" tags to my custom post type (if i have a tag 'full employment' for my classic posts, i want to assign to my job posts also).

how can i achieve that ?

i managed to have a custom taxonomy on several post types, but i don't know how to target post_tag and add him a post type.

for example :

register_taxonomy( 'seasons', array('job', 'post'), $args );  

make seasons appear on classic posts and also on job posts. I would like to have 'tags' available for my job posts.

am i clear ?


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Enabling tags in a custom post type is quite simple. You need to use 'taxonomies' => array('post_tag') while calling register_post_type().

For Example:

            'labels' => array(
                'name'          =>  'Movies',
                'singular_name' =>  'Movie',
                'menu_name'     =>  'MOVIES',
                'all_items'     =>  'All Movies',
                'add_new'       =>  'Add A Movie',
                'add_new_item'  =>  'Add New Movie'
            'public'    => true,
            'supports'  => array(
            'show_in_admin_bar' =>  true,
            'taxonomies' => array('post_tag'),

Look for the last taxanomies => array('post_tag') in code. This is how you enable tags in a custom post type.

  • great it works ! thank you. i haven't guessed post type options could change admin interface...
    – fxguillois
    Feb 21, 2014 at 13:20

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