I'm inserting information from a user into a custom post type. $current_user it a user-object.

Is there anything special I have to think of when setting post_date_gmt when inserting a new post with wp_insert_post? (Or could I just fetch the value from the user-table like below?

$pupil = array(
              'post_title'      => $current_user->display_name,
              'post_date'       => $current_user->user_registered,
              'post_date_gmt'   => $current_user->user_registered,
              'post_type'       => 'pupil',
              'post_status'     => 'private',                     //This registration cpt is not available for public
              'post_author'     => $current_user->ID
            $postid_pupil = wp_insert_post( $pupil )

Most of the times, you can just leave it empty and the wp_insert_post will take care of handling it but if you want to set it use php's function:

gmdate("Y-m-d h:m:s", strtotime($current_user->user_registered))

which works exactly like the php date function.

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    gmdate("Y-m-d h:i:s", strtotime($current_user->user_registered)) – Rajeev Vyas Feb 20 '14 at 11:11


As the name suggest it is date time in GMT. GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) is a timezone.

wp_insert_post internally converts post_date into GMT using get_gmt_from_date . So if you don't pass it, it will do it for you.

Or you can use


to convert your date to GMT.

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