First of all, I am not a techie so be nice to me please. I am trying to install Wordpress. I have followed the installation instructions for Wordpress as best as I could. However when I try to open localhost on Wampserver, I get a message:

The website cannot display

The one thing that I believe may be wrong is in the wp-config.php file, I am not sure what to put in "MySQL database username". I put "root" as in the example. Any ideas?


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First thing that comes to mind, is that you haven't set up an actual database to link the wordpress to so please follow this steps:

navigate in your browser to http://localhost/phpmyadmin (I hope it is installed)

Create a database with the name wordpress (or whatever else you want)

Navigate to your wordpress directory on localhost and re-enter the database details with root as the database username and 'wordpress' as the database name, fresh installs of wamp do not have a password set so leave that field blank.

I hope this get's you at least on the right track.


I hope you WAMP knowledge is good, and you are acquainted with phpMyAdmin.

Open your browser and type: http://localost/phpmyadmin

Create a new database and name it whatever you like. Suppose we are taking 'wordpress' as name. Just hit create database. You are done.

Download the WordPress latest version, and it. Cut the wordpress folder to C:\\local_path\www\ and Paste it.

Now browse from the browser: http://localhost/wordpress

  • Install WordPress...
  • Database name: 'wordpress' (as our db name is wordpress)
  • Username: 'root' (as default username is root)
  • Password: '' (as default password is blank)
  • Database Prefix: 'wp_' (don't worry about it now)

Install WordPress. And you are done. :)

I've written a Bangla Tutorial on WAMP Localhost WordPress installation, you may not understand Bangla, but you can see the screenshots. :)


First of all , make sure a Database is created , you can do this via phpmyadmin , grant permissions over the DB to a User and then mention the DB name and the DB user with the password in the WP-config.php, this should fix the issue.

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