Here is my wp_nav_menu:

wp_nav_menu( array(
            'link_before' => '<span><strong>',
            'link_after'  => '</strong></span>'
        ) );

I got a tag like this:

<a title="TITLE" href="..."><span><strong>LINK</strong></span></a>

But I actually need this:

<a href="..."><span><strong>LINK</strong>TITLE</span></a>

Is it possible to write a filter?

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You need to create a custom walker. Specifically, create a child class of Walker_Nav_Menu. The only funciton you need to override is start_el(). Copy it wholesale into your class, and place the title where you want it. Then in your wp_nav_menu call, specify your walker.

wp_nav_menu( array(
        'link_before' => '<span><strong>',
        'link_after'  => '</strong></span>',
        'walker'  => new My_Custom_Walker()
    ) );

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