Is there an easy way to append a unique ID to the preview URL when the preview button is clicked by a user?

So this: http://example.com/news/1/title/?preview=true

Becomes: http://example.com/news/1/title/?preview=true&v={unique_id}

I ask because our setup caches heavily on the server-side so when updating it takes a while for the changes to show up in the preview. Manually adding a parameter to the end of the URL allows the changes to show up immediately.

I tried searching for a plugin but didn't have any luck. Is there a way to do this by adding a custom function in functions.php?

  • Can you provide some more details ? Like which theme & plugin you are using .. Feb 14 '14 at 20:13

Use the preview_post_link filter to modify the preview URL:

function wpa_preview_link( $preview_link ){
    return $preview_link . '&v=' . uniqid();
add_filter( 'preview_post_link', 'wpa_preview_link' );

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