I am able to add Menu to the Dashboard using the below code, it can be viewed by an administrator. That menu doesn't appear when logged in as an Author or a Subscriber. How to make sure every user can view the custom added menus.

//Add Menu Page

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'register_my_custom_menu_page' );

function register_my_custom_menu_page(){
add_dashboard_page( 'custom menu title', 'Test', 'manage_options', 'custompage', 'my_custom_menu_page', plugins_url( 'test/images/icon.png' ), 6 ); 

function my_custom_menu_page(){
echo '<div class="wrap"><div id="icon-tools" class="icon32"></div>';
    echo '<h2>Test</h2>';
    echo 'Test';

echo '</div>';

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You have to use the right capability for this. You chose manage_options, which by default only users with an Administrator user role have.

So, change it to read or exist, for instance, and every user will be able to see and access the menu.

add_dashboard_page( 'custom menu title', 'Test', 'read', 'custompage', 'my_custom_menu_page', plugins_url( 'test/images/icon.png' ), 6 ); 

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