I use wp_title to generate some kind of breadcrumb and it works well, but in there I have the title of the site, and I want to delete that. It looks like this:

Taxonomy1: City | Title of the site. I get that by using <?php wp_title(); ?>.

How can I delete the title of the site in that output?


Take a look in header.php of your theme. Some themes have the title output like this:

<title><?php wp_title('|', true, 'right'); ?> | <?php echo get_bloginfo('name') ?></title>

So you'll have to remove the | <?php echo get_bloginfo('name') ?> part.

However you should keep the title of the site in the <title> for SEO purposes.


There is probably a third-party filter running on the wp_title. Remove it before you call the function:

remove_all_filters( 'wp_title' );

You could use a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast and set templates for so if your title tags. You would then have the ability to override your templates at the post/page/category level

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