I've setup a WP MU site and I need to know how to sign up a user to a specific blog when they register. As it is now, if a visitor is visiting a specific site and they click the register button they are taken to the main network site and then they are given the option to register as a user or create their own blog.

I can create my own registration page but I'm not sure how to add that user to a specific site.

This is what I have so far:

$meta = apply_filters( 'add_signup_meta', array() );
$emailSent = wpmu_signup_user( $user_name, $user_email, $meta );

I think I found it,

<?php add_user_to_blog( $blog_id, $user_id, $role ) ?> 


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This works if you do not have a confirmation email, but you then have to hook activation to use add_user_to_blog. WordPress will add a user to an existing blog (now known as a network site) on user activation if you provide a couple of meta data fields:

$user_blog_id = 2; // or get_current_blog_id(), etc.
$user_meta = [
    'add_to_blog' => $user_blog_id,
    'new_role' => 'subscriber' // or any other role your site has...
// WordPress has a built-in action on activation to look
//     for the above fields and assign the user to a
//     given blog id (network site) and role.
\wpmu_signup_user( $user_name, $user_email, apply_filters( 'add_signup_meta', $user_meta ) );

See add_new_user_to_blog for more information (this is the function called through an action on user activation that assigns the user to a blog [network site] using the meta fields in the example above).

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