Is it possible to use a variable to rewrite a Custom Post Type permalink FROM wp_terms -> slug?

WPDB: wp_terms -> slug = healthy-living

A1) Current Custom Post Type args:

'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'issues/resources' ),

A2) Current Permalink (works great!):


B1) Desired Custom Post Type args (is this possible?):

'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'issues/$WP_TERM_SLUG_VAR/resources' ),

B2) Desired Permalink:


If you have any suggestions, your time is appreciated!


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filter "pre_post_link" to change the permalink rule, the first attribute is the rule set to the administrator and the second is the element which is to form the link

function my_pre_post_link( $permalink, $post, $leavename ) {
  // filtered by post_type, returns the format permalink
  if( $post->post_type != 'book' ) return '/bookis_custom/%postname%';
  return $permalink;

add_filter( 'pre_post_link', 'my_pre_post_link', 9, 3 );
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