How would I display all the sub category but one? I tried is_category('myslug') then return in the post loop but it wont work.

my code in the post loop


Stills return all the sub category even the one with slug myslug

  • Not entirely clear what you mean. From the codex on is_category: "This Conditional Tag checks if a Category archive page is being displayed". Are you trying to display a list of sub-category names or are you displaying an archive page of sub-categories? – Eckstein Feb 1 '14 at 19:13
  • I'm displaying a list of posts that are in a category and its sub categories, but there are posts from one category that I dont want to display – Jonathan de M. Feb 1 '14 at 23:05
  • Can you post some code from the page or template you're working on? It sounds like you'll need to alter the query for that page, but I just want to see what your code looks like now. – Eckstein Feb 2 '14 at 3:28

If you'd like to exclude certain subcategories in a category archive page, try put the following code in your functions.php:

function exclude_category( $query ) {
    if ( $query->is_category( 'myslug' ) && $query->is_main_query() ) {
        $query->set( 'cat', '-1,-1347' ); //Add your excluded subcategories ids
add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'exclude_category' );

If it's not the case, we need your code to see the whole picture.

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