I have a picture website that has about 300 contributing authors. I want to have it so any author can submit a request of pictures that they want on a list. The list then would be credited to that author that submitted the list but the posts within the list are still associated with the author that submitted the picture. I can't seem to find a good plugin/work around that will do this.

Any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.

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I posted a plugin once to add artist information to media files. You should be able to extend it easily. Then query for the post type attachment and the meta data you used to get the list.


I don't know about a plugin but when i faced a similar issue on one of my clients site, i needed to create an "in site favorites" feature for the site's users, and to do so i used a single usermeta filed were i saved the user's favorites.

First i create an "add to favorite" function which i displayed only to logged in users using the_content hook.

then i added another function to actually save the link in the users meta table (simpe ajax and using the add_user_meta function) all in one filed as an array of post ID's.

and last i create a new template page called "My Favorites" and asyou can tell by its name it showed the list of posts the current logged in user as saved as favorite , simply by grabbing the list of post ID's form the user meta.

So what I'm suggesing is maybe use the user meta as your list holder.

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