I have Two CPT as "Dress" and "Casual" and I would like to position them close to each other exactly after the "Dashboard" in the Menu.

I have this code in my custom post type for both:

'menu_position'       => 2

how ever the result is displaying as:

enter image description here

the "Post" positions after the "Dress"! can you please let me know why this is happening and how I can keep all CPT after each other before the "Post".(I have 5 Custom Post Type)


  • Try 'menu_position' => 2 and 'menu_position' => 3 Jan 29, 2014 at 7:48
  • Hi Brad, thanks for reply but same thing happen! Jan 29, 2014 at 7:53

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If you have a lot of Custom Post Types, you may need to change the menuposition with a little trick.

Keep in Mind, WordPress has some built in:

2 Dashboard
4 Separator
5 Posts
10 Media
15 Links
20 Pages
59 Separator
60 Appearance
65 Plugins
70 Users
75 Tools
80 Settings
99 Separator

Your first CPT is assigned menu_position 2, and it is placed just after the Dashboard. As Number 2 (Dashboard), 3 (CPT), 4 (Seperator) and 5 (Posts) are taken, WordPress assigns the next free Number as 6 (behind the Posts).

Your solutions would either be Assigning the Custom Post Types as a Group between Comments and the 59-Seperator (Numbers 26 to 58), or reassigning the Menupositions of the built in Post Types, as well as messing around with the new ones, excellently described by @MikeSchinkel based on the work of @EAmann here

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