I can populate post author email with this code:

add_filter('gform_field_value_author_email', 'populate_post_author_email');
function populate_post_author_email($value){
    global $post;

    $author_email = get_the_author_meta('email', $post->post_author);

    return $author_email;

It's ok, but how i can populate meta of post? meta = imail

I'm trying with

add_filter('gform_field_value_meta_imail', 'populate_post_meta_imail');
function populate_post_meta_imail($value){
    global $post;

    $meta_imail = get_post_meta('imail', $post->post_id);

    return $meta_imail;

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You have the arguments for get_post_meta backwards. You have:

get_post_meta('imail', $post->post_id);

Whereas, where you to check the Codex, it should be:

get_post_meta( $post_id, $key, $single );

Or is your case:


That is assuming that $post is set correctly and that you are using the Gravity Forms hooks correctly.

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