I know one can modify the kses filter to add new allowed tags to it, but is there a way to remove some of them? I can't find how. I need to disallow DIV tags.

Any ideas?


  • Why disallow div tags?? – NoBugs Aug 3 '15 at 4:22
  • I needed this for a client who insisted on pasting content from sites with malformed HTML in the editor, thus screwing the site design as a result. At the end, enabling the use_balanceTags option was enough. – leemon Aug 3 '15 at 8:20
  • Wasn't that fixed with TinyMCE 4? – NoBugs Aug 3 '15 at 11:57

The allowed tags are stored in $allowedposttags (located in /wp-includes/kses.php) as an array. For each element it looks something like this:

$allowedposttags = array(
  'div' => array(
    'align' => true,
    'dir' => true,
    'lang' => true,
    'xml:lang' => true,

You can remove a single element of an array via unset


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