I have a custom dashboard plugin with one of the sections containing useful links. One of them should directly point to the documentation that comes with a template. This documentation is in the theme directory. Now I've tried different ways to get the path using for example:

<?php get_theme_root_uri(); ?>/mytheme/documentation/index.html


<?php get_template_directory_uri() ?>/documentation/index.html

but it outputs a URL to the homepage ( instead of full path to this file. Any advice?

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    Don't you want to echo that? – tfrommen Jan 23 '14 at 9:42
  • @tf damn.... I behaved like a total noob :/ Really embarrassed. Of course it works now. – Borek Jan 23 '14 at 9:44

I suppose, you want it to be like that:

<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/documentation/index.html

As per the codex, get_template_directory_uri() returns the url, rather than path. You want get_template_directory() (codex) or get_stylesheet_directory() (codex).

There is a subtle but important difference between get_template_directory() and get_stylesheet_directory(). As per the (codex):

In the case a child theme is being used, the absolute path to the parent theme directory will be returned [by get_template_directory()]. Use get_stylesheet_directory() to get the absolute path to the child theme directory.

  • Seems I misinterpreted "...instead of full path to this file". – Stephen Harris Jan 23 '14 at 9:46
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    I understood it like he wanted to include a link <a href=..., that's why I chose *_uri. If he wants to include the file etc., then you're right, of course. – tfrommen Jan 23 '14 at 9:47

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