How do I completely remove widget support from a theme/plugin ?

Like removing the appearance -> widgets page, and prevent WP from loading widget classes and all widget-related stuff.


One option would be to simply flush the widget code out of the sidebar.php file, as well as the header/footer/post pages if they are using widgets.

However, take a peek at this code snippet (courtesy of this site), which you can add to your functions.php file and will disable the widgets. I think this would be a cleaner approach if you're looking to change themes and sill have widgets disabled.

   add_filter( ‘sidebars_widgets’, ‘disable_all_widgets’ ); 
   function disable_all_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) 
      if ( is_home() ) $sidebars_widgets = array( false ); 
      return $sidebars_widgets; 

Note that this will only disable the widgets on your home page, so you'll need to find the additional conditionals for individual pages/posts/etc.


If you make use of the internal functions from widgets.php, then it's as easy as this:

    // final function makes most sense
    // (useing stuff like `$GLOBALS['wp_widget_factory']` will do nothing better than this ex.)
   // place inside your functions.php  

    unregister_widget( 'some widget' );

    // if my search results are right, these should be the available default widgets 
    // from /wp-includes/widgets.php
    Line 389:   'wp_widget_pages',
    Line 390:   'wp_widget_pages_control',
    Line 391:   'wp_widget_calendar',
    Line 392:   'wp_widget_calendar_control',
    Line 393:   'wp_widget_archives',
    Line 394:   'wp_widget_archives_control',
    Line 395:   'wp_widget_links',
    Line 396:   'wp_widget_meta',
    Line 397:   'wp_widget_meta_control',
    Line 398:   'wp_widget_search',
    Line 399:   'wp_widget_recent_entries',
    Line 400:   'wp_widget_recent_entries_control',
    Line 401:   'wp_widget_tag_cloud',
    Line 402:   'wp_widget_tag_cloud_control',
    Line 403:   'wp_widget_categories',
    Line 404:   'wp_widget_categories_control',
    Line 405:   'wp_widget_text',
    Line 406:   'wp_widget_text_control',
    Line 407:   'wp_widget_rss',
    Line 408:   'wp_widget_rss_control',
    Line 409:   'wp_widget_recent_comments',
    Line 410:   'wp_widget_recent_comments_control'

remove_theme_support('widgets') won't work because of:

function remove_theme_support( $feature ) {
// Blacklist: for internal registrations not used directly by themes.
if ( in_array( $feature, array( 'editor-style', 'widgets', 'menus' ) ) )
    return false;

return _remove_theme_support( $feature );

The "Widgets" menu item is added by wp_widgets_add_menu(), called in the _admin_menu hook, as set up by wp_maybe_load_widgets(). You can disable this by unhooking it from _admin_menu or returning false for load_default_widgets.

You can also unregister all sidebars as Bainternet suggested, and remove_theme_support( 'widgets' ).

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