I waste a lot of time installing WordPress then populating it with dummy stuff for each new project. I started creating a new theme for each project (instead of creating a whole new install) but it's not good either since each project has its own specifics in terms of content.

Is there a time-saving, professional solution for this problem?

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    There are many. I would recommend to elaborate on what else had you considered and possibly tried and how it didn't fit your requirements. – Rarst Jan 10 '14 at 13:00

I run a multisite setup for developing, it saves time and you can just delete the sub-site when you're done developing.

I also have a few different .xml files of common content types that I tend to use a lot (Portfolio items, Standard pages / posts, Testimonials, etc.) and I just import each one as and when I need it.

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By creating a multi-site installation.

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