i am having a wallpapers site. I was having lots of posts with no tags and i tried some plugins to auto add tags like simple tags where you need to set some tags and it will auto use those tags for posts, then i used auto tag posts option and it added all the 50-60 tags to a number of individual posts,Means it added 50-60 tags to each of the posts in 500 posts. Its very time consuming now for me to edit each post and removing unwanted tags. Is there any way so that i can remove those 50-60 tags via a MySQL query? Any way either a plugin or a mysql query can do this. Please help.

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To change tags on a mass of posts can you use the default mass edit mode of WordPress. This more secure as a sql-statement. If you are on the edit post page, there you see all posts. Open the options on right top and edit a number of posts, there you will edit, maybe 500.

enter image description here

After this changes switch to the mass edit mode. Active all posts with the checkbox and use Edit in the Bulk Mode. Also a screenshot.

enter image description here

Now you get a textarea with all tags, there are in all posts and you can remove the tags.

A alternative is the plugin Search Replace, that can change tags to each post via sql statement, but is more directly on the database and not secure.

  • No that won't help in removing tags from all the selected posts. When i selected the posts with 50-60 tags and tried mass editing, it haven't shown me the tags in the tags box, it was empty for me. Please suggest another way... Jan 6, 2014 at 12:45

Take a look at WordPress › Bulk Move « WordPress Plugins It works in a different way than the WP bulk edit mode and might be useful.

Bulk Move is a WordPress Plugin which can be used to move posts in bulk from one category or tag to another. This Plugin can also be used to remove posts from a certain category or tag.

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