I have author.php and it's working fine for authors separately.


  • if I click author1 and it goes to www.myblog.com/author/author1 and shows his details
  • if I click author2 and it goes to www.myblog.com/author/author2 and shows his details

Now I want to show all these users under 1 url like www.myblog.com/author/author If somone goes to www.myblog.com/author/author/then it should show the authors list with their details.

How can I do that.? Any help will be very much appreciated.



A bit like a team/contributors page.

You could look at the contributors page template included in the Twenty Fourteen default theme for WordPress as an excellent example. May be a challenge to use it with another theme depending on your skill level.

Another option which i have coded myself for Genesis, is a widgetized page template. This way you can use any type of author/profile widget in the widget areas. No author details are hard coded so you simply add a new widget each time you use a new author.

You could also code a page template with widgets which works with any theme.


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