I am doing some deep modding of the rewrite system and custom post_types but before I can continue I must find out how WordPress handles the rewrites.

I found the function url_to_postid() but WordPress it self doesn't seam to use it to resolve permalinks into queries?

For example: If I hook into the pre_get_post functions, and browse a page or a custom post_type the provided query now include "is_page" or "attachment" etc but if i where to type a URL at random, this data will not show. Where does WordPress figure out if the URL is a page|posttype|attachment or not? And how can I hook into this?


If you have a look at the Action Reference, you'll see all of the actions executed before pre_get_posts. The two you'll probably want to investigate are parse_request and parse_query (yes, those are lacking in documentation).

The part you're probably most interested in is parse_request, where rewrite rules are matched against the requested URI. You can see it in source here.

When a front end request happens, the file wp-blog-header.php is loaded, which calls wp(), which calls the main() method of the WP class, which calls the parse_request() method. At the bottom of that function, you'll see where the parse_request action is executed.


Also see this page in Codex for some more in-depth info: Query Overview

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