How do I log speed benchmarks to a console in php? I don't want to echo the results for the user to see, but just in some kind of log.

I know that I can get the time elapsed with this:

$first  = new DateTime( '11:35:20' );
$second = new DateTime( '12:00:45' );

$diff = $first->diff( $second );

echo $diff->format( '%H:%I:%S' ); // -> 00:25:25

but I want to log the time, and not echo it. Do I use the error_log?

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If you will write inside the console of your browser, then use one of a lot of helpers or use a small custom function in php. The follow function is easy to use and log inside the console of the browser.

if ( ! function_exists( 'debug_to_console' ) ) {
     * Simple helper to debug to the console
     * @param  object, array, string $data
     * @return string
    function debug_to_console( $data ) {

        $output = '';
        $output .= 'console.info( \'Debug in Console:\' );';
        $output .= 'console.log(' . json_encode( $data ) . ');';

        echo '<script>' . $output . '</script>';

A image say more: enter image description here

Alternative use a library, like ChromePHP for Chromium Project, Webug for many different browsers or FirePHP as example. Is give a lot more helpers in this topic.

If you will work this inside WordPress, then is a fast a easy to use helper the plugin Debug Objects, this plugin have the source from the easy to use funtione above inside the plugin and also the CromePHP library.

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