I've searched high and low on Google and this site for an answer to this and am quite surprised to find nothing about it anywhere

I've added a custom setting to the General settings tab using add_settings_field() but the field appears at the bottom of the page.

I'd like the field to appear below the Email field but I can't find any documentation or anything on how to change the position of it

Is there a filter on the settings field I can hook on to manipulate the order in which the fields are displayed and inject my custom field where desired?

  • Dang, this is a great question, too bad there's no answer. In add_settings_field() we see that it stores the results in global $wp_settings_fields;, so altering that array should theoretically give us an avenue to re-order our option within the core fields, BUT for some reason the core fields aren't in there! – jerclarke Aug 14 at 17:38

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