I'm currently using the Contact Form 7 plugin, which is great and works perfectly, but what I'm now trying to achieve with it is some custom validation rules.
I found this extension: http://code-tricks.com/contact-form-7-custom-validation-in-wordpress/ that once added to functions.php adds a whole raft of extra validation rules.
For example:

$acceptNumbers = array('acceptNumber', 'acceptNumber1', 'acceptNumber2', 'acceptNumber3', 'acceptNumber4', 'acceptNumber5', 'acceptNumber6');

foreach($acceptNumbers as $acceptNumber){
    if($name == $acceptNumber) {
        $acceptNum = $_POST[$acceptNumber];

        if($acceptNum != '') {
            if(ctype_digit($acceptNum)) {
                $result['valid'] = true;
            } else {
                $result['valid'] = false;
                $result['reason'][$name] = 'Please Enter Only Numbers';

Called in the short code like so: [text* acceptNumber] but what I want to validate is quite specific and I'm not sure how it'll be achieved. I'll have 1 text field, I want it to contain ONLY one word, anything more than one word won't be accepted, and this one word MUST begin with the letter s. I'm not even sure if this is at all achievable, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hope I did get it right:


function specialValidation($value) {
    $explode = explode(' ', $value);
    if(sizeof($explode) > 1) {
        echo 'ERROR: You have input more than one word.';
    $mustBeS = substr($explode[0],0,1);
    if($mustBeS != 's' && $mustBeS != 'S') {
        echo 'ERROR: Your word must start with an "s" or "S".';

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