Does anyone know how to customize wp_link_pages() so that <!--nextpage--> will show like "<< previous" and "next >>" links instead of "Pages: 1 2 3 "?

Note:- i used "<!--nextpage-->" in my Wordpress tinymce editor for pagebreaks between long pages.

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You can use next_or_number param of wp_link_pages to achieve this.

From Codex:


(string) Indicates whether page numbers should be used. Valid values are:

  • number (Default)
  • next (Valid in WordPress 1.5 or after)

Then you can use nextpagelink and previouspagelink params to modify these links texts.

So doing it like this should do the job:

    wp_link_pages( array(
        'next_or_number' => 'next',
        'nextpagelink' => 'next &gt;&gt;',
        'previouspagelink' => '&lt;&lt; previous'
    ) );
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