My "Read More" button is linking to the current page page instead of the excerpt page it is suppose to be linking to. Here is my function in function.php file:

function new_excerpt_more($more) {
   global $post;
return ' <a href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '"> ...Read More</a>';
add_filter('excerpt_more', 'new_excerpt_more');

This is occurring in in excerpts being displayed from a custom walker for wp_list_pages.

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Global $post variable is filled on by running post through the loop (the_post() method or function, setup_postdata() function). If you look at the source for Walker_Page it is not running a loop and so does not make posts' data available through $post.

Since excerpt_more is not provided with info on the post either, you would need to track post data on your own and access it inside your filter function.


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