I am writing a Wordpress plugin that makes calls to external sites. I want to raise the timeout for all wp_remote_* calls, so I added the following to the __construct function of my plugin:

add_filter("http_response_timeout", function($timeout) { return 30; });

But the calls still time out after 5 seconds. I also tried using a separate function as the second argument, same result. When I pass array("timeout" => 30) to the wp_remote_* functions directly, it works...

Any idea why the filter is not respected?


There is no filter named "http_response_timeout" in the WordPress core. Where are you finding this filter name from?

The timeout parameter as passed to a wp_remote call has a default of five seconds, and that default can be changed using the "http_request_timeout" filter, which is a different name than you used. Maybe you're just using the wrong word?

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