I would like to display the child pages of the current page in a select menu, I.E. =>

<select><option>This is a child page</option><option>This is another child page</option></select>

Of course, the option markup would be the dynamic function; markup that says basically that we want to display the child pages of the current page wrapped in an option field for each one.

The result should be a drop-down menu that someone could select the child pages title and submit it with the form. The reason being, the child pages are tours and all I need is the title to be passed to a select field so we know that' the tour they're interested in.


This can be approached by using wp_dropdown_pages() with the child_of parameter.

global $post;
$args = array(
    'child_of'         => $post->ID
wp_dropdown_pages( $args );

The variable name will be $_GET['post_id'] or $_POST['post_id'], depending on your form settings, you can change the name by altering the name parameter. The value of the variable is the ID of the chosen page. Use get_the_title() to get it from the id in your $_GET/$_POST variable.

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