I have a strange problem now.

Today I am editing a very old page. I restored to old version and also modified something. Suddenly I found I can never update that page. Then I tried set it pending then set back to published. The "no update" issue still there. What is worst is I can not find it in "page List".

As you can see from the picture: All(3): only show 2 When I click Pending(1): No page found I have right to approve page as I am the only user.

That page can only be found by clicking "edit this page" link when browse it as a reader.

Only show 2 pages

The pending 1 page can never be shown!

  • Try copying the missing page to a new page. Does the new page show up? Dec 4, 2013 at 14:33

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You can try to repair your database. To do it, please read this answer in StackOverflow.

If repairing database didn't worked, you can try to update the post status manually.

  1. Connect to your database
  2. Find the page in the wp_posts table (you can find it through the post_title field)
  3. Update the record running a script like this one:

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_status = 'publish' WHERE ID = YOUR_PAGE_ID

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