I have a client who had to reactivate the cforms II contact forms plugin. It refused and gave the following error:

*Fatal error*: Cannot use string offset as an array in

on line *7*

After I removed the values for cforms_settings - see http://pastebin.com/THpif39S - in wp_options I was able to reactivate, but I had of course lost all form presets and automatic answers. Now I have this as value in the row cforms_settings: http://pastebin.com/JJbHhYLk .When I tried to re-add some of the serialised data I got an error from the plugin saying the settings were corrupted and that I could try to fix it or reset all.

How can I restore my form presets in the database using this serialised data as there were no recent form exports done from plugin before the plugin was deactivated?


By replacing of all the serialised data I had backed up in the row with key cforms_settings I managed to get the form presets back. The plugin accepted this and worked as before. Life is beautiful.

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