It's amazing to use the edit_form_after_title hook to enqueue something just below the post editor's title field. But there is nothing opposite to this like: edit_form_before_title. Searching over the Internet, found the trac treasure with a solution saying:

Add an edit_form_top hook to the post edit form.

That's pretty! But that's not exactly what I's looking for. That's taking the whole top part of the form, not behaving like the Title field on the editor.
edit_form_top hook renders like this

Is there any solution/hook I can use so that the thing I'm hooking looks exactly like the Title field (not taking the whole top part of the form, but renders on the left part only.)?


And also, if I use edit_form_top then if I use any input field to add meta_value to the post, then it'll be failed because edit_form_top adds the thing outside the form.

SPECIFICALLY, I need to add a custom input field to add meta_value to the post. I don't want to use any plugin.



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