I have a scheduled event that runs twice daily in my plugin, the action is registered with


function fhprw_check_fetch($args){

//do stuff according to $type

if I manually call a do_action('fhprw_action',array('type'=>'uk')); when a widget is updated then the function receives $args as an array and I can get $type from $args['type'] no problem

but when I schedule an event with

wp_schedule_event(time() , 'twicedaily', 'fhprw_action',array('type'=>$instance['type'])); // ($instance['type'] will be 'uk')

then the function receives $args as a string

$args = 'uk' instead of array('type'=>'uk');

why is the function not receiving an array for $args when it is called by the cron?


scheduled events call the callback function with a list of parameters, not an array of parameters so my callback function for the action would receive $arg1,$arg2 etc and wouldn't be able to accept an associative array

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It could be the phrasing of the array so try setting the array outside the wp_schedule_event call:

$args = array('type'=>$instance['type']);
wp_schedule_event(time() , 'twicedaily', 'fhprw_action',$args);
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    turns out that a scheduled event will call the callback function with call_user_func_array which means the function is called with fhprw_check_fetch($arg1,$arg2,$arg3) and not fhprw_check_fetch($arrarg);
    – CommentLuv
    Mar 19, 2011 at 15:02
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    In which case, if you really wanted args passed back as an associative array, you could schedule with $args = array( array( 'type' => $instance['type'] ) ); Mar 19, 2011 at 15:08

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