I am using Customizr Theme on my website, and rendering its' front page, using a Static Page. Also I have two sidebars (left and right).

I used the static page, because when I put the slider it will appear above the sidebars. And I'm trying to put it in between the sidebars.

I added a PHP snippet in my child theme which would make it appear where I want it to.

function move_my_slider() {

    //we unhook the slider
   remove_action( '__after_header' , 
        array( TC_slider::$instance , 'tc_slider_display' ));

    //we re-hook the slider. Check the priority here : set to 0 to be the first in the list of different actions hooked to this hook 
   add_action( '__before_loop' , 
        array( TC_slider::$instance , 'tc_slider_display' ), 0);

This works fine as you can see where I tested it here. But when I tried using the test-page as front page, the slider does not appear? How can I include the slider in the front page?

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The slider displayed on front page is the one that you define from the customizer option screen. It overrides the one you have assigned to a page that you choose as front page.

Hope this helps.

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    Yes, thank you I reverted my front page to displaying the latest post. And it worked, I guess I started out with wrong idea.
    – lozadaOmr
    Nov 28, 2013 at 4:15

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