I'm using the Types plugin, and I created some custom types, linked to custom fields. It appears in the admin menu, and I can create new entries.

But on the FO, how can I link my Custom type to a menu item ?

When I go to theme->menu, I can select individual entry of my custom Types, but not the custom Types itself, so that its displays a page with the liste of all my entries in it.

I could simulate it with categories, but it should be a more automatic way, no ?

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You can use Post Type Archive Link plugin. After enabling it, go to appearence->menu and you will have the option to add the post type archive link on your menu.

  • Thank you ! It's strange this feature is not included in wordpress, as it's a very basic feature when dealing with custom types, isn't it ?
    – Matthieu
    Nov 28, 2013 at 9:58
  • Sure, don't know why they don't include it yet.
    – Pepe
    Nov 28, 2013 at 13:51

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