I am trying to change this code in my Authors List page template

$all_users = get_users();
    $allowed_users = array();
    foreach ( $all_users as $user ):
        $wp_user = new WP_User($user->ID);
        if ( !in_array( 'subscriber', $wp_user->roles ) ):
            array_push($allowed_users, $user);

to show only authors instead of "everyone except subscribers". I tried this:

if ( in_array( 'author', $wp_user->roles ) ):

and it does not work.

How can I change this code to show only users defined as 'author'?


get_users has an argument that should let you select a particular role.

$all_users = get_users(array('role'=>'author'));

Should be all you need. $all_users should be only "Authors".

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