I have a custom field set that is look to display like so:

<p><strong>Lease Rate:</strong>
        <?php the_field('lease_rate'); ?>
      <p> <strong>NNN Expenses:</strong>
        <?php the_field('nnn'); ?>
      <p> <strong>Monthly Rent:</strong>
        <?php the_field('rent'); ?>

       <p> <strong>Site Area:</strong>
        <?php the_field('site_area'); ?>
      <p><strong>Sale Price:</strong>
      <?php the_field('building_size'); ?></p>
      <p><strong>Building Size:</strong>
      <?php the_field('Address'); ?></p>
      <p><strong>Contact Name:</strong>
      <?php the_field('contact_name'); ?></p>
      <p><strong>Phone Number:</strong>
      <?php the_field('phone_number'); ?></p>

I need to change it so that:
IF the field is filled in, THEN the title shows up.

For example, if the_field lease_rate has a value then the paragraph "Lease Rate" shows up.

I was thinking some kind of if statement then echoing the p?


You can use the ACF API's get_field to test for the existence of data:

if( $lease_rate = get_field('lease_rate') ){
    <p><strong>Lease Rate:</strong>
        <?php echo $lease_rate; ?>
  • wow, yup, that easy huh? thank you very much!!!! – user31344 Nov 20 '13 at 17:04

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