I am setting up a textarea input for theme customizer. It seems to be working well apart from it outputting a line of text above the textarea label which I cannot find where it comes from and why.

Theme customizer settings

In this screenshot, above the label Säätiön toiminta, is the text data-customize-setting-link='textarea_setting' This is somehow being automatically generated.


function mytheme_customize_register( $wp_customize ) {
    require_once(TEMPLATEPATH . '/inc/customizer_classes/wp_customizer_textarea.php');

    $wp_customize->add_setting('textarea_setting', array(
                               'default' => 'default text',
                               'transport' => 'refresh'

    $wp_customize->add_section( 'Mytheme_content' , array(
        'title'      => __( 'Site content', 'Mytheme' ),
        'priority'   => 30,
    ) );

    $wp_customize->add_control(new Mytheme_Textarea_Control($wp_customize, 'textarea_setting', array(
        'label' => 'Säätiön toiminta',
        'section' => 'Mytheme_content',
        'settings' => 'textarea_setting'
add_action( 'customize_register', 'mytheme_customize_register' );


class Mytheme_Textarea_Control extends WP_Customize_Control {
    public $type = 'textarea';
    public function render_content() {
        echo '<label>
        <span class="customize-control-title">' . esc_html( $this->label ) . '</span>
        <textarea rows="5" style="width:100%;" ' . $this->link() . '>' . esc_textarea( $this->value() ) . '</textarea>

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One ootion is that the HTML that you generate is broken and that is the reason something that should have been an html attribute is displayed.

Another is that $this->link() echos instead for returning a value.

  • Yes you are right, $this -> link() does echo. Thanks
    – tommyf
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 12:54

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