I understand the first comment in style.css dictates the difference between original theme and child theme.

Using the following simplest example is throwing the "Themes must have a stylesheet and a template ... Template is missing" error:

Theme Name: Test
Theme URI: http://www.test.com
Description: Test install
Author: Test
Version: 1.0
Tags: Test

File structure inside of themes directory:


The css seems to parse correctly and has line breaks making each entry in the comment distinct. I've tried creating multiple themes, all with the same result. The default themes are loading fine. Running this locally using MAMP, wp version 3.7.1.

Pulling my hair out here... any suggestions?


Move style.css out of /css and into the Theme's root folder.

  • Argh! That's what I get for being impatient. Any reason why wp requires it outside of a nested folder? Is there a way to keep the directory "tidy"? – PHPeer Nov 18 '13 at 19:56
  • Primarily, that's just where WordPress looks. It needs those header comments first, to identify the Theme as a valid Theme, and it only looks in the Theme root folder for style.css. – Chip Bennett Nov 18 '13 at 20:07

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