I've been researching the difference of taxonomies vs. categories vs. custom post types vs. etc. and have been beginning to pickup on the differences. However I still can't wrap my head around when it is the best time to use these elements for my current site.

Background: I am creating a travel-review website where people can review different places around the world. Restaurants, tours, sight seeing, or whatever else people like, can be reviewed.Since there are a ton of places around the world, this site will have a ton of content which makes good permalink structure very important. So far I have only used categories to display my content.

I'm shooting for a permalink structure like this:


Continent is a subcategory of destinations, country is a subcategory of continent, and city is a subcategory of country. As of now I'm having trouble forming a permalink structure with subcategories since some posts will have extra categories beside the 1 (either cont,country,or city) like restaurants, travel-logs, etc.

Am I doing this right? Should I be using all categories and sub categories or is there a better approach? If this is the right way, how do I get a permalink structure like the one above?


is not working for me and only displays the parent category.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are looking to link the subcategory in your permalink only, here you go. Just check the child category only.

Sub-category and category in permalink structure

  • Thanks! But I have a problem when I am using multiple categories (for example: restaurant reviews) that mess up the structure.
    – blake
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 0:26

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