When I close comments on a post it's showing "Comments are closed". Is there any way to edit this text and show a personal note instead of the pre-configured one?

I would prefer to do this in a 'universal' type of thing, meaning that the same message would appear even if I change the wordpress theme.

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If you go to comments.php in your theme - and search for "Comments are closed", you should find it.

You should also be able do this in functions.php:

function comment_text ($arg) {
$arg['title_reply'] = __('Too Late - Comments are Closed!');
return $arg;

Edit: Just noticed that you want this to work cross theme. So if you go to: wp-comments-post.php in the top level of your Wordpress install, you should find it there too.

  • Thank you for your answer. If you excuse me, a follow-up question about this. I tried to enter a custom text inside the div tag on the closed comments section but nothing showed up on the frontend. Have a look at the comments.php code of my theme, maybe it needs a fix or something. link to the code: pastebin.com/K2HuTMJ8
    – Jimmy
    Nov 6, 2013 at 15:34

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